Geek Girls Rule! #537 – Gaming’s Latest #MeToo Moment

Geek Girls Rule!!!

This one’s going public today, because this is important.  I’ll make it up to my Patrons in a bit.  Promise.

Right, I know you all have seen me talk, rant about and refer to bullshit surrounding Zak S, Zak Sabbath, Zak Smith, whatever the fuck he calls himself, before.

And you know how I always say that someone who is an asshole in one way, well that’s rarely the only way in which they’re an asshole?

Zoldemort’s ex, Mandy Morbid, outed him as an abuser.  Publicly.  Specifically.  Including, but not limited to, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and a whole raft of other excreble behavior.  Two other women they dated as a couple back her up and share their own stories of abuse.


I believe her, and I have her back.

She doesn’t know me.  We’ve never met.  The only interaction we ever had online was ages ago…

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Geek Girls Rule! #518 – Forgiveness and Moving On

Geek Girls Rule!!!

I will not lie to you.

I come from a family that views grudge holding as a sport, and an art. I try really hard not let not forgetting that someone has fucked me over crawl over that incredibly fine line into a grudge.

These two things are not the same thing.

Forgive and Forget is stupid advice.

Because if someone hurts you, betrays your trust, or harms others in a way that reveals them to be untrustworthy, or maybe not real cautious of others’ boundaries and/or personhood, it is a good idea to keep that in mind.

I tend to hold them at arm’s length ever after, which just makes sense from a harm reduction perspective.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” ~ Maya Angelou

The problem is that our society, particularly when it comes to dudes, seems to think that forgiving someone means pretending that…

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Geek Girls Rule! #474 – Fun is not a Zero Sum Game

Geek Girls Rule!!!

So, there’s this thing happening, where a bunch of sad, pathetic dudes get some sort of thrill by harassing women off the internet and away from “their” fandoms.

So sad.

Seriously, I’d pity you if you weren’t so vile.  And not vile in an interesting dark villain way.  Vile in the way most evil is vile, by being utterly, utterly banal.

The latest round of sick, sad white dudes desperate for relevance are exceptionally proud of themselves for driving Kelly Marie Tran, Rose in the Last Jedi, off the internet, or at least Instagram, possibly Twitter.

Kelly Marie!  Come to Tumblr. We got your back.

Anyway, seriously though, I do not get this mindset that there is only so much enjoyment of a thing to be had, and if anyone other than you (cis, het, white dude) is highlighted in it, or enjoys it, that there is less for you…

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