Geek Girls Rule! #537 – Gaming’s Latest #MeToo Moment

Geek Girls Rule!!!

This one’s going public today, because this is important.  I’ll make it up to my Patrons in a bit.  Promise.

Right, I know you all have seen me talk, rant about and refer to bullshit surrounding Zak S, Zak Sabbath, Zak Smith, whatever the fuck he calls himself, before.

And you know how I always say that someone who is an asshole in one way, well that’s rarely the only way in which they’re an asshole?

Zoldemort’s ex, Mandy Morbid, outed him as an abuser.  Publicly.  Specifically.  Including, but not limited to, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and a whole raft of other excreble behavior.  Two other women they dated as a couple back her up and share their own stories of abuse.


I believe her, and I have her back.

She doesn’t know me.  We’ve never met.  The only interaction we ever had online was ages ago…

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