#Feminism Gets an ENnie Nomination

So, #Feminism is up for an ENnie which sounds like it should be an amazing thing to be proud of right? Our little collection of 34 games from 11 countries around the world about various feminist topics that can all be played in under two hours is finally recognized… as an RPG Related Product. That’s right. I can’t explain how the judges (who are apparently the ones who decide what goes in what category) looked at the collection and decided that they were only “related” to RPGs, not real RPGs themselves. I’m sure to them it made sense. I’m not quite sure how it made sense to them but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS How are there no women as nominees for judge next year? “None applied” is an answer I’m seeing bandied about. If that’s the case, how does an organization in 2018 look at it’s pool of applicants, see that there isn’t a single woman, and not do some serious soul searching that no woman seems to want to be associated with them?

PPS How is there not a vetting process on the “Fan Favorite Publisher” category to keep a literal church burning, murdering, Nazi out of the running?