Setting the Table

Wraith (Courtesy Bizarre Boudoir)

Wraith walks into the coffee shop, glancing around casually. She’s already cased the place, knows all the entrances and exits, as well as precisely where the woman she’s here to see is sitting, but makes a show of looking for her anyway. “Melissa, so nice to see you!” she air kisses the other woman on both cheeks. “It’s been too long.” She makes a show of fussing over her skirts as they sit.

“Penelope darling, you must try the lemon cakes here. They’re to die for.” She waves the waitress over and orders high tea for them both. “What have you been up to lately?” She smiles.

“You know, a little of this, a little of that. I found this lovely little shop with the best jewelry. I’d love to see what you think of it.” I’ve got a job for you.

Her smile widens. A score! “I’m sure I can pop in and take a look. Did you have your eye on anything in particular?” What’s the target?

“There’s a necklace with a gorgeous sapphire on display that I’ve had my eye on for some time. The owner keeps it in a special box in his office it’s so lovely.” It’s in the safe.

“Sounds special indeed. Perhaps we can share it?”  What’s my cut?

“Absolutely darling. You can borrow it whenever, just like all my pieces.” Standard deal.

“Perhaps I should acquire it myself.” She inspects her nails coyly. I want more.

“I suppose that’s one option, but I would be most cross with you if you did. I might even have to end our friendship.” She smiles as the waitress returns with their tea and a three tiered tower with little sandwiches and desserts. Cross me and I will kill you and they’ll never find your body.

“It’s certainly not worth ending our relationship over darling.” She pouts slightly. Okay, I’ll back down. “Shall we go to the shop together? When are you free?” When are we doing this?

“Oh, I have a very busy schedule. How about the day after tomorrow? We can meet at that little lace you love.” I’ll pick you up.

“We’re not meeting there?” She chooses a sandwich, taking a suitably dainty bite.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want you to spoil the surprise.” I don’t trust you after that little comment Nyryx. She takes a lemon cake. “You were right, these are delicious.”

“I thought you would like them.” She finishes her sandwich, going for a delicate petit four next.

The two chat without the subtext as they work their way through the tower and two pots of tea, looking to all the world like two upper class ladies instead of an actress and a prostitute, but that’s their jobs, to blend in and pull off the score. Finally the meal is finished and Wraith pays the tab. “Day after tomorrow. Try not to be late this time. I’d hate to go without you.” I don’t need you to pull this off.