Papa? Part 2

Inside Poe was pacing. Mssr Bonnenuit was looking around. "What do you do here Poe? Surely you're not the smith?" He looked incredulous. His wife laughed. "I'm fairly certain the smith is Marie's...husband?" she gestured in Regan's direction. Regan merely inclined his head in a mockery of acknowledgement. "I'm the smith." He didn't owe these… Continue reading Papa? Part 2

Vrestath’raw’nuhlaze AKA Cobalt

  “What do you mean Alderaan’s ‘GONE’ Leanna?” The Chiss looks at the view screen, a frown marring her features as she tries not to panic. Jax and Kriss were there. What would have happened to them? The human woman on the screen has eyes red-rimmed and puffy from crying. She wipes at them as… Continue reading Vrestath’raw’nuhlaze AKA Cobalt

The Job

“What part of no are you having problems understanding?” Tinder plopped into a chair, ruffling her short platinum spikes. “I’m not shooting some damned farmers because some asshole hardholder decides he wants their farms.” She pulled the stopper from the bottle of rotgut with her teeth, pouring a healthy slug into two glasses and sliding… Continue reading The Job