#RPGaDay Day 8

What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2hrs or less?

The Golden Cobra competetion has created a plethora of wonderful games in this category. My favorite so far has been Unheroes by Joanna Piancastelli. You play superheroes who chose to lose your memories and powers to save the world but something didn’t work right and now both your memories and powers are coming back, as is the thing you were trying to save the world from. you must make a final decision to try and stop it. SO MUCH FUN AND ANGST!

Lovecraftesque is another favorite. I can usually get through a 5 person game in about 2 hours.

Anything in #Feminism can also be played in under 2 hours. There’s a whole range of games from fluffy to “you’re going to be curled up and bawling by the end” that are simply wonderful. (I read them all in a weekend during the editing process before we had the teardrop rankings. Trust me on the teardrop scale and don’t read 3 5-tear one’s in a row.)