#RPGaday Day 1

For the past several years in August David Chapman has put together a list of mostly pretty cool questions for gamers. I’ve participated on and off but this year I’m going to really try to complete it. There will likely be catch up posts. Here’s the link to the complete list. #rpgaday2017

So without further ado:

What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

Before the Storm by Joanna Piancastelli. Hands down. I was lucky enough to get to playtest it a couple of years ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. You play heroes about to go into the final battle of an epic war in a fantasy world that you build with the other players. You flash back to how you got to this point and how you met and interacted with the other players and the enemy. It was so good. We played it larp style, walking around the living room we were in, but it could easily be just a tabletop game. So so good.

I’m also jonesing for a good campaign of Urban Shadows by Andrew Medeiros. I really love how it brings in the right mix of politics and relationships to hit my personal sweet spot.

One of these days I’d love to do a run of Against the Grain by Moyra Turkington. Centered around the Western Electric strike after the first black woman inspector is hired, it’s in a kind of vulnerable spot for me but I’d like to try it.