Ynisarah the Voice

Inspired by this image from http://www.anastasiakole.com/

The Patrons have spoken! She looks like a character from The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power to me.


It was so easy to get what she wanted, just a word in her lover’s ear and things would be set in motion. No one even noticed that Zareh wasn’t the one making the decisions anymore. A new dress here, a piece of jewelry there, an inconvenient rival removed from her path to the Crown. All this and more her lover provided, or more accurately her lover’s position in court.

So when Zareh told her no it came as quite the shock. They were lazing on bed, sated from wine and lovemaking, Ynisarah stroking the older woman’s hair as she rested her head on Ynisarah’s breasts. “But… why not? It will be an excellent opportunity for you. It will put you in the graces of the Crown himself!”

Zareh rose and drew a robe around her body. “Just because Aeramar is currently out of favor with the Crown does not make him powerless.” She splashes more wine into her goblet. “He still has a treasury and more than enough troops to take over the city should he so desire.” She throws herself into her chaise with a huff, wine sloshing out of the glass. ”And Nagaivrat knows it. That’s why he still lives despite his insult.”

Ynisarah rose gracefully and crossed to kneel at her lover’s feet, making sure to draw Zareh’s eye to he curves as she did. “But love, think how thankful he will be. He may even gift you a portion on Aeramar’s holdings. That villa by the sea that he so loved showing off for example.” She pressed herself closer, sliding her hands up Zareh’s legs beneath her robe. “All you have to do is convince the king that the insult was treason. With him declared traitor, none will risk coming to his aid when you send your Knives to find him.” She stroked the inside of her thighs. “And if he were to die resisting arrest, surely no one could blame you.”

Zareh’s eyes fluttered closed with a soft moan as Ynisarah massaged her way up her legs. “I know what you’re doing you minx.” She leaned down to pull her into her lap. “No more talk of this tonight. There are better things to do with our mouths.” She kissed Ynisarah deeply.


Weeks later Ynisarah welcomed Zareh to their new villa, gentle breezes blowing the sheer, silken curtains as she led her to the bathing room. They sunk into the jasmine scented water, Ynisarah helping bathe her lover before guiding her to the massive bed piled high with plump pillows clad in silks and velvets. Once she finished welcoming her properly and lay stroking her hair she made her next request, the one that would finally get her noticed by the Crown. “You should host Prince Nagaivrat here, to show him how… appreciative you are. I’m sure he would love to see what you’ve done to the place.”